i see me watching

2022, hand processed 16mm to digital,
single-channel video with sound, 07:52 min.

i see me watching speculates on the journey to and struggle with finding identity by presenting a first-person depiction of a singular self that has been split into two. The film displays the character's ever-changing emotions as they follow an anonymous figure through unfamiliar surroundings, and gain awareness of the figure as an integral part of their being.

Writer and Director: Sidney Gordon
Composer: Aysha Dulong
Cinematographer: Emil Vargas
1st Assistant Director: Lauren Olson
2nd Assistant Director and Spotter: Kaïa Barthe-Lessard
1st Assistant Camera: Warren Tang
Grips: Pablo Garcia Garcia, Liao Yi
Figure: Taliesin Mason-McCrea
Production Assistant: Celina de Leon
Stills Photographers: Vanessa Denham, Enid Huang
Costume Assistant: Tillie Roy
Sound Mix: Matt Stephanson
Scanning: Film House

Special Thanks:
Lindsay McIntyre
Harry Killas
Brittney Appleby
Madeleine Keen

*password protected video available upon request


2022 - Vancouver International Film Festival, VIFF Short Forum Program 2, Vancity Theatre, Vancouver BC
2022 - Best of Animation + Film/Video Showcase, Reliance Theatre, ECU, Vancouver BC
2022 - SPARKING: An Emily Carr Film and Screen Arts Graduate Showcase, Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver BC


2022 - Chancellors Jury Award, Winner, Emily Carr University of Art + Design
2022 - VIVO Distribution Award, Winner
2022 - Best Experimental, Winner, Emily Carr University of Art + Design